Dr. Wolfson is an expert bone and joint health in San Francisco. Whether we are young or old, our bodies stay active and need strength for movement. The combination of bone and joint in the human body is known as the Musculoskeletal system, and it is prone to a process of “wear and tear” which affects all ages.

At a young age our physical activities are often very vigorous. The young individual’s bones and joints are more elastic, are able to tolerate higher impact, and can withstand sudden high stress and strains. Some repetitive physical activities, such as running long distances or jumping, can lead to tissue fatigue and failure. In a long-distance runner, or in a soldier who marches for a long time, the bone may fatigue, and a “Stress Fracture” can occur. Basketball players may develop “jumper’s knee”, otherwise known as “patellar tendonitis”, which is an inflammation of the patellar tendon. Another example is a tennis player who may develop tendinitis of the elbow, also called “tennis elbow.” Sudden twisting movement, as it may happen in soccer, basketball, hockey, or football players, generates a torque stress. If this stress or twist is more than the tissue can absorb, it can lead to a tear in the knee ligaments (most often the Anterior Crusciate Ligament) or meniscus and/or damage the cartilage.

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As we age, our bone and soft tissue lose their elasticity, resilience, or ability to withstand stress and strain at even lower degrees. As hormonal balance is lost in our tissues, bones included, humans become more susceptible to “osteoporosis.” In addition, the joints may be affected by the “wear and tear”, or what we call “osteoarthritis.”

Considering that 10,000 “Baby Boomers” will reach the age of 65 every day for the next 17 years, it is assured that there will be a substantial increase in patients suffering from painful joints. More than half of adults ages 65 and over will suffer from osteoarthritis.

With that being said, knees and hips are the most common joints requiring surgery.

In our practice, the programs we have developed not only treat these often debilitating conditions, but more importantly prevent them from happening at any age in the first place.

In our younger patients, including children, we educate them on how sports-related injuries can be prevented. We work with the best trainers and coaches, physical therapists, and masseurs. We study your diet and level of physical activity. We examine your body habits and look at your sports technique and routine. Our personal background and experience guides us to find the right answers. This is the technical aspect of our job.

In addition to taking care of the physical condition of the body, particularly the injuries that are endured by the patient, we believe that spiritual and mental health is key in the protection of your health and treatment. Our philosophy is based on a passionate and gentle approach to protect the patient and prevent these injuries first and foremost. However, if the injuries are to occur, we make sure to find the best specific treatment for every individual in our care.

Runner holding their knee in pain