Every day about 10,000 “Baby Boomers” reach the age of 65. While it is considered a Medicare age, men and women who reach this important landmark and also older people nowadays are very active both professionally and in their leisure activities. Because of variety of reasons: previous injury, overweight, deformity and sometime with not known cause, a substantial percentage of this population is suffering from joint pain, stiffness and sometimes swelling and deformity. The name for this is ARTHRITIS. Naturally these people are looking for treatment recommendations that will help them to maintain productive and pain-free lives.

As an orthopedic surgeon, I specialize in adult joint preservation, reconstruction and replacement surgery. I am committed to aiding those suffering from arthritic joints so people may lead active lifestyles devoid of joint pain. I am happy to provide you with explanation and with educational materials that highlight my treatment options for osteoarthritis.

More than half of adults 65 and older suffer from osteoarthritis. Knees and hips are the most affected joints requiring surgery.

After nonsurgical, or what we often call conservative treatment modalities, have been tried, including weight loss, comfortable shoes, physical therapy and intra-articular injections, we employ a minimally invasive, muscle sparing technique replacing the hip joint.  Unlike traditional surgery, that requires cutting muscles to access the hip joint from the back or from the side, I approach the hip joint from the front, which only involves splitting the muscles. This less invasive procedure preserves muscle function and accelerates recovery time. The approach I use is called Direct Anterior Hip Approach (DAA) also know as AMIS: Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Few surgeons are trained to use this technique. I was fortunate to be among the first to learn about it in 2004, and have provided this method to patients, all of whom were ecstatic in resuming their activities sooner than initially perceived.

Whether through joint-preservation therapy or, if necessary, joint-replacement surgery, our goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life by helping them maintain an active, independent lifestyle.

This link ______________ will take you to some of our patients who benefited greatly from this procedure.

Not only has this procedure eliminated their pain and joint stiffness, but it has also allowed them to return to  normal, enjoyable activities.

Please contact me at 415.221.4400 or email me at [email protected], if you have any questions about the DAA or other methods we use to treat hip and knee arthritis. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working together to help our patients enjoy pain-free lives.